Scout Merit Badges by chronicling your adventures in one secure platform.

Camping tools is a private digital camping journal that empowers you to organize your experiences and share them with only the ones you want.

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Organize Media and Writings by Camping Trip.
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Great for helping earn merit badges like:

Communication Merit Badge

Journal experiences of you obtaining information, being persuaded, Appreciate or enjoy something, Understand someone’s feelings and share with a troop leader.

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Journalism Merit Badge

  • Read articles members of the community have posted

  • Write articles that help the community with the outdoors

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Camping Merit Badge

  • Capture media on your camping trips

  • Write journal entries and stories about your experiences.

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Let your Boy Scout Troop Share Their AdventuresIn you can create your troop as a group that shares their camping trips, stories and media with each other all in one secure place.

Learn More on how to get started Privately Experience Your Child’s progressSometimes you want to get a glimpse into how your child is progressing in scout adventures but you don’t want to expose them to social sites. With camping tools, you can can be your child’s friend and see their media and stories.

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