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Camping.Tools is the ultimate travel companion that empowers you to plan, capture and share together.


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The ultimate social app for campers. Plan your trip, capture your memories, and share your adventures with friends and family.


Planning a camping trip can be stressful, but not with Camping.Tools! This app has everything you need to keep your trip organized, from your itinerary and packing list to your photos and memories.


Camping.Tools organizes all your trip information in one place, including past, present, and future trips, categorized into four categories

The Timeline

Camping.Tools allows you to plan and organize your camping trip with ease, creating a list of waypoints and adding notes and details to each location.


Waypoints on Camping.Tools are destinations on your itinerary that you plan to visit during your camping trip.

Packing Lists

The packing list feature on Camping.Tools helps you create and manage a comprehensive list of essential items for your camping trip, ensuring that you are fully prepared for your adventure. Even use list templates to save time on future trips.


Camping.Tools memories are a great way to capture and preserve the memories of your camping trip. You can document a particular moment or event, and include photos, videos, or journal entries. Memories can be kept private or shared with others, allowing you to relive the memories of your camping trip anytime, anywhere.


Camping.Tools lets you add photos to your camping trip information, creating a visually stunning and memorable record of your adventure.

Journal Entries

Writing in a camping journal is a reflective activity that can help you gain new insights and perspectives, making your camping trips even more meaningful.


Camping.Tools lets you share your camping experiences with friends and groups securely. Check-in at waypoints and campgrounds, and create memories to share your trip moments with others. It's a private camping network that connects you with like-minded campers, making it easy to relive your camping adventures with those who matter most.


Camping.Tools lets you create any group you want, whether it's for family, friends, or a caravan. Stay connected with group members through chat, check-ins, and shared memories, making it easy to stay organized and relive experiences together.

Itinerary Collaboration

Shared itineraries are a convenient feature of Camping.Tools that make it easy to plan and organize your camping trip with others.


The broadcast feature lets a user share their real-time location with a group for a set duration. Ideal for group meetups or safety purposes, it provides location visibility while maintaining user control over the sharing duration.


With group check-ins, you can notify your group when you arrive at a waypoint or campground, ensuring that everyone knows where you are and when to expect you.

Shared Timeline

you can share this page with family, friends, or groups, and they can follow along with your adventures as they unfold.

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The ultimate social app for campers. Plan your trip, capture your memories, and share your adventures with friends and family.

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