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You love to hit the road, explore the campsites and see everything nature has to offer. You also love chronicling the experiences you have along the way. The problem is that it seems that the only way to capture my thoughts and media is by sharing it all on social media. I wish there was a private way to organize my trips while sharing with the ones I love. is a private digital camping journal that allows you to capture everything including times, campsites, journal entries, stories, and media and invite friends and family to go along for the ride.

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The Timeline

In Camping.Tools your writings and media are organized by trips. Every entry is seen on the timeline so you can see what the whole trip looked like. You can add campsites, journal entries, public stories, and media. Then invite your friends on your trip. It's as easy as that.

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Organize Your Media

You just took a photo of a bird taking a bath in the river. Amazing! Now what do I do with it? I could upload it to social media or I could put on a complicated server. But then how do I share it and make part of a larger trip? is a great place to store your photos and videos on your timeline and share only with whomever you wish.

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Sell Gear to Other Campers

As campers we are always buying some gadget that will help us, or some gear we need at the time. The Camping.Tools Marketplace allows you to find other campers that can give your old stuff a good home and can help you find just the right equipment you have been looking for.

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Only Share With Who You Want

You want your loved ones to experience your favorite memories, but you don’t want the general public to. Not to mention that you don’t want it to be used to be shared with advertisers that use your data against you. With Camping.Tools we create a secure environment where your data stays yours forever.


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