Keep Your Camping Experience Alive In One Place.

A Private Camping App to Plan, Capture & Organize Everything From Your Trip.

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Chronicle Every Moment

Share your stories, photos and videos by the campfire by joining Camping Tools! This easy-to-use application will let store and organize your camping all on one secure place.

Plan Your Camping Trip

If you are someone that likes to visualize your camping trip before you take it, you can plan how and when you’ll get there with our growing set of tools. You can even document the unplanned adventures.

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Capture Your Trip

Some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking sights will be experienced on your camping trips. We provide the tools to document both in one place you can revisit time and time again.

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Never lose your camping memories.

Relive some of the greatest moments of your life while keeping them secure and organized.

Only Share With Who You Want

You want your loved ones to experience your favorite memories, but you don’t want the general public to. Not to mention that, you don’t want it to be used to be shared with advertisers that use your data against you. With Camping.Tools we create a secure environment where your data stays yours forever.

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Sell Gear to Other Campers

As campers we are always buying some gadget that will help us, or some gear we need at the time. The Camping.Tools Marketplace allows you to find other campers that can give your old stuff a good home and can help you find just the right equipment you have been looking for.