JAN 11 2022    
Road Trip Driving Days
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Road Trip Driving Days

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InfusedAdventuresEdited JAN. 19, 2022 AT 4:46 PM

What an awesome trip, full of adventure as well as a few scary moments. Glad y’all made it through ok! You’ll be telling that dust storm of the century story for many years to come.

Robert JAN. 12, 2022 AT 3:35 PM

I'm still getting the dust out of the back of my truck! :) I'm just glad they got to get out on the road and experience some of life's adventures. What an epic trip! I wish I could have been there.

InfusedAdventuresEdited JAN. 19, 2022 AT 4:47 PM

Crazy how that fine dust & sand can get into just about anything when the wind is strong enough!

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