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The pandemic has changed the way we interact with the world as well as the way we work. Many people have switched from a regular Monday to Friday 9 to 5 work week for more freelance work or gig work. But can we make a living writing? And what can we do to survive as a freelancer during such challenging times?  I started as a freelance writer approximately a year before the first lockdown in Canada, so I had already begun to adjust to remote work. However, I suddenly lost access to my social...

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Our adventure through Rocky Mountain National Park began with a morning hike on the Bierstadt Trail on December 19th, 2021. We had just finished our last stay at the local Blue Door Inn at Estes Park and were beginning to wrap up the remainder of our trip with a 3-night stay in the Rockies. We began at the Bierstadt Trailhead that morning, and shortly after starting, we had to put on our ice spikes to climb through the frozen snow and ice. The view from the trail was absolutely incredible, somet...

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Every year as the weather starts to get colder and we lock ourselves in doors, I begin to day dream about getting outdoors. These were some of the places over the years I’ve thought might be good to get out and try in the winter months. If you have any suggestions or places I should know about I would love to hear them. But so far, here are the winter hiking destinations in the USA that are on my bucket list.  Yellowstone National Park I’m not sure what it is but the thought of seeing a gey...

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