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user-avatarjenpeng Joined: 04-19-2022
Jen is a freelance writer, photographer, and content producer based near South Lake Tahoe. She loves the outdoors and living the Tahoe lifestyle, including camping, hiking, climbing, snowboarding, surfing, and scuba diving. An avid traveler, Jen enjoys exploring the mountains, oceans, and everything in between.

In March 2022, I embarked on a 10-day road trip across California, Nevada, and Utah with a group of friends. They were towing a new Winnebago off road travel trailer with their truck, while the rest of us camped in tents. Having a trailer really expanded our camping options, as we were able to take advantage of dispersed camping in several locations. It was an active trip of hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and exploring many of the geological wonders found along our route. Overall, it was a f...

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