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Lyza is the coolest content creator this side of the Mississippi. She's a professional wordsmith by day and an avid outdoors enthusiast by night, exploring all the spectacular spots and hidden gems of her native Ozark Mountain region. Follow Lyza to catch insider tips on all things Ozarks, including the best hiking trails, campgrounds, and essential gear you need for these mountains.

Ready to hit the great outdoors? The Ozarks are calling your name. But planning a trip can get expensive, and you don’t want your fun to break the bank. Luckily, this region has plenty of cheap and free campgrounds to enjoy. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out my favorite spots for all the adventure you crave at a fraction of the price.  The top 5 budget-friendly campgrounds in the Ozarks are: Erbie Campground Sam’s Throne Campground Gunner Pool Campground  South Maumee Camp...

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