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RobertAnnis Joined: 05-06-2022
After spending nearly a decade as a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper, Robert Annis finally broke free of the shackles of gainful employment to become an award-winning outdoor-travel journalist. Over the years, Robert's byline has appeared in numerous publications and websites, including National Geographic Traveler, Outside, Hemispheres, Lonely Planet, Afar, Bicycling, Men's Journal, Popular Mechanics, the Chicago Tribune, Togo RV, and Hidden Compass.

Outdoor gear is constantly improving, but is that reason alone to upgrade?   There are two main camps of people when it comes to gear: Folks wearing puffy jackets covered in duct-tape patches who see buying new equipment as a moral failing and those people who consider seasonal gear guides as holy scriptures on the level of the Bible or Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire and want the latest and greatest of everything.   I’ve written dozens of gear reviews over the years, so I know the all...

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